I can't connect MetaMask Extension to a dapp

Usually, when you intend to connect MetaMask to a dapp in a desktop browser, a pop-up will appear in MetaMask asking you to confirm the connection.

If nothing happens, the most common reason is because you have more than one browser-based wallet installed and active. You'll need to disable other wallets in order for MetaMask to work properly. 

To do this, head to your browser's extension manager and find the on/off toggle next to the other wallet's extension. It should look like this:


Once you have disabled other wallets, reload the page

Depending on your browser, managing extensions can work a little differently. To find the correct page, copy the appropriate link into your address bar:

  • Chrome: chrome://extensions
  • Brave: brave://extensions
  • Firefox: about:addons
  • Edge: edge://extensions

If disabling other wallets doesn't work, get in touch with Support via the 'Start a Conversation' button on our homepage. 

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