How to adjust MetaMask privacy settings (Extension)

At MetaMask we take user privacy seriously, and continually work to give you the options to configure data usage in a way you're comfortable with. 

Head to Settings > 'Security & Privacy' to view your privacy settings. Here you can configure:

  • Incoming transactions: We use your account address to retrieve data from Etherscan about transactions such as airdrops or others sent to your address. If this is turned off, you'll only see confirmed transactions. Please note this feature only works with Ethereum mainnet and the Goerli and Sepolia testnets. 
  • Phishing detection: This setting allows MetaMask to identify the site you're visiting and display a warning message if it matches our lists of known and suspected phishing sites. Read more about this mechanism here
  • MetaMetrics: If you have this turned on, you're allowing us to gather non-sensitive details about your MetaMask usage to help inform how we improve the app. Read more about MetaMetrics here
  • Batch account balance requests: As the description suggests, if this is turned on, you're allowing us to fetch account balances from the network for all of your accounts, even those that aren't active. Active, in this context, means you have the account selected in MetaMask. If you turn this setting off, balances are only updated when you access (switch to) each account in MetaMask. 
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