Troubleshoot and analyze your transactions with MetaMask Activity

What is MetaMask Activity?

MetaMask Activity is a tool that is designed to help you understand more about the transactions you make with MetaMask, and get help with those transactions when you need it. 

You can look up any valid blockchain address and consult the transactions associated with that account. The transaction information, including when it happened, which addresses were involved, images of tokens and NFTs, and more, will be presented to you front and center.

You'll also have links to helpful support and educational materials provided to you based on the type of transaction you've performed.

MetaMask Activity


Where do I access it?


You can use MetaMask Actvity in a normal Web browser, either on your desktop or phone, as well as in the MetaMask Mobile app's built-in browser. You can use it either by connecting to MetaMask Activity using your wallet, or by entering the public address of an account you're interested in looking at. 

  • If you want to sign in with MetaMask Mobile, the smoothest experience will be inside the app's built-in browser; this gives you the added benefit of switching accounts in the wallet view, and having MetaMask Activity update automatically.

Currently, MetaMask Activity will show you information about transactions on Ethereum Mainnet. We're working on bringing support for other networks as quickly as possible.


What does MetaMask Activity show me that I can't see in my wallet already?

A lot, actually:

  • All the transactions made through the account in question, no matter which device they're made on
    • MetaMask never syncs transaction data across devices, in order to keep you and your data safe. MetaMask Activity gets its data from the blockchain itself, so your keys stay safe in their vault.
  • Convenient images of NFTs and tokens you've interacted with, to help you be sure it's the one you were expecting
  • Contextual support articles and explanations
    • MetaMask Activity detects the type of transaction you've made, and provides curated documentation explaining more about the type of transaction or token involved. Common problems, as well as helpful educational materials are provided to you based on the kind of actions you're performing through MetaMask.
  • Help resolving your questions now, with Support standing by
    • All of this is available to you on, with Support agents ready to jump into a conversation with you if you can't figure it out on your own. Additionally, if you do need more help, you'll be better informed to tell them which transaction it is you're having trouble with.
  • Granular information, without the overwhelming experience of a block explorer:

MetaMask Activity Interface



If you encounter any issues or have ideas for how we can continue to improve MetaMask Activity, please submit them via the feedback form link at the bottom of the page:

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