Troubleshooting a pending or stuck transaction with MetaMask Activity

Is one of your recent transactions in MetaMask stuck or "pending"?

Our pending transaction troubleshooting tool will help you take a closer look.

First, you'll need the transaction hash, which is the unique identifier of the transaction. Here are our instructions on how to find it

Once you have the hash, click on "Help with a pending transaction" on

MMA help with pending transaction


This is where you'll paste the transaction hash: 

MMA paste transaction ID


Next, select the network on which you submitted the transaction. 

Now click "View", and MetaMask Activity will search to determine the status of the transaction. Once the search is complete, you can see whether your transaction is successful, failed, or pending:

MMA transaction pending

Stuck and pending transactions can have different solutions, and MetaMask Activity will present you with the right resources to guide you though any necessary next steps.

If you're looking for more information about failed transactions, start here


If you have ideas for how we can continue to improve MetaMask Activity, please submit them via the feedback form at the bottom of the MetaMask Activity page.

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