Known issues and supported browsers

Known Issues

MetaMask doesn’t open when I try to connect, or another crypto wallet opens instead

If you run into a situation where MetaMask won’t open, or a different web3 or crypto wallet extension opens instead when attempting to connect to MetaMask Activity, follow these steps to try and resolve the issue:

  1. Verify that MetaMask is installed in your browser, your Secret Recovery Phrase is imported, and that you are able to unlock your wallet using your password. If you’re having problems unlocking your wallet, start here; if you need to find your SRP, start here
  2. Verify that you’re using one of the browsers listed below. 
  3. Disable all other wallet extensions (but make sure you know your passwords and Secret Recovery Phrases for each wallet before you do!)
  4. Create a separate browser profile for each crypto wallet
  5. If you’re still running into problems, start a conversation with a member of our Support team by going to and clicking on the big blue button labelled “Start a Conversation”.

MetaMask Activity is supported on the following browsers:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Safari (MacOS and iOS)

  • MetaMask Extension is not available in Safari; however, MetaMask Activity can still be used by entering the ENS name or public address of the account you’re interested in. For steps to find and copy a public address from your wallet, see here


It is likely that MetaMask Activity will work as expected on many other browsers, as well, especially those that are Chrome-based, such as Microsoft Edge. Brave Browser, while being Chrome-based, sometimes requires additional configuration in order to work properly with MetaMask; for more on this, see here


If you have ideas for how we can continue to improve MetaMask Activity, please submit them via the feedback form at the bottom of the MetaMask Activity page. 

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