How to connect to Linea on MetaMask

Great news, Linea is live and native to MetaMask! This means that you can connect to Linea without having to add it to your network configuration.

To connect to Linea follow the steps below:

Mobile Extension
  1. Locate the current network drop-down at the top of the screen

  2. Tap it to view your previously connected networks, and then tap Linea to switch to it.

MetaMask connect to Linea mobile


Once I get connected to Linea, what can I do?

There's a lot going on! Follow some of these guides to get started, and check out the dapps that are already deployed to the network.

You can bridge to and from Linea using MetaMask Portfolio's Bridge, and swap on Linea using MetaMask Swaps

Here are the canonical Linea pages:

Home page: 

Documentation and guides: 



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