What are Security Snaps?

Security Snaps are Snaps that provide essential insights into your transactions.


Security Snaps introduce a new tab in the transaction prompt, allowing Snaps to provide important security info about a transaction you’re about to submit.

Introducing Security Snaps

Security Snaps take your transaction journey to the next level by enabling Snaps to offer essential transaction insights, such as (but not limited to!):

  1. Phishing database checks
    Know if the recipient address is linked to any known phishing databases, giving you an extra hand in figuring out whether you might be interacting with a malicious address.
  2. Transaction simulations
    A Snap could help you determine whether a transaction might succeed or fail and predict any state changes by simulating the transaction locally, or by using AI.

Getting started with Security Snaps

It’s easy to get started with Security Snaps — we’ve outlined a small step-by-step:

  1. Keep MetaMask updated
    Ensure your MetaMask browser extension is up to date with the latest version; learn how to update it here. Please note that MetaMask Snaps is currently available exclusively for the MetaMask browser extension.
  2. Install a Snap
    If you’re eager to check out what Security Snaps enable, consider trying out the Wallet Guard Snap. Or check out the MetaMask Snaps Directory.
  3. Initiate a transaction
    Go to your favorite dapp and initiate a new transaction; you’ll notice a new tab appearing in your MetaMask confirmation screen. Click on it to access information provided by the Wallet Guard Snap about the receiving (contract) address and view whether it was previously flagged as malicious.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Are all Snaps equipped with insights about my transactions?

Not every Snap offers insights on your transactions. Check individual Snap descriptions to see if they make use of insights. When installing a Snap, you can also see whether it provides transaction insights by checking the permissions it requests:

MetaMask Snaps transaction insights permission

Are there any privacy concerns when using Security Snaps?
Different types of Snaps access different information based on the permissions granted at installation. Any user data you share with a third-party-developed Snap will be collected directly by Snaps developers; MetaMask does not have access to this data. Only install Snaps from developers that you trust, and always check the privacy policy and terms of use of a Snap before installation.
I have more questions!
Take a look at the MetaMask Snaps FAQ page.

Security is just one of the Snaps categories that exist today; consider getting familiar with Interoperability Snaps and Communication Snaps as well! New to MetaMask Snaps? Get started.

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