How to install a Snap

MetaMask Snaps allow anyone to infinitely expand on MetaMask's functionality, such as adding insights on your transactions, support for other blockchain protocols, or adding notifications.

Are you new to MetaMask Snaps? Be sure to check out our guide on Getting started with MetaMask Snaps!

Explore Snaps

Navigate to the MetaMask Snaps Directory for a comprehensive catalog of currently accessible Snaps. Select one that seems interesting to you, and click ‘Install Snap’ to get started!

Dapps can also directly prompt you to install their accompanying Snap. For instance, a decentralized exchange (DEX) could prompt you to install their Snap, allowing them to automatically notify you right within MetaMask once your order has been fulfilled.

Snaps created by third-party developers are a Third Party Service as defined in the Consensys Terms of Use. You access, rely upon or use the Third Party Service at your own risk. Consensys disclaims all responsibility and liability for any losses on account of your use of Third Party Services. Consensys is not endorsing, recommending, or guaranteeing the safety of Snaps listed on the directory for your use or use for any reason. Always do your own research before installing any Snap, and carefully review the permissions requested.

Install a Snap

Luckily, installing a Snap is no difficult feat; here’s a step-by-step.

  1. Whenever a dapp requests you install a Snap or you choose to download a Snap from the MetaMask Snaps Directory, you will be prompted with a connection request.


    Take a moment to review the details provided in the connection request and ensure that the right domain is prompting you. If all seems well, click ‘Connect’ to continue.
  2. A new screen will appear, presenting the permissions required by the Snap. These permissions range from requesting internet access to controlling keys for other blockchain networks.


    Carefully review each permission listed on this screen. If you're comfortable with the permissions requested, click ‘Install’ to continue.
  3. For some sensitive permissions, you might be prompted for additional confirmation. Carefully consider the permissions that the Snap is requesting. Tick all the requested permissions, and click ‘Confirm.’


  4. Success! The Snap is now installed successfully. Did you encounter an error? Take a look at our guide on troubleshooting Snap issues.


By following these steps, you're now well-equipped to embrace the power of MetaMask Snaps! Installing a Snap gives you access to additional functionalities and exciting features, but remember that it also comes with specific permissions that you must carefully review.

Happy exploring! 🚀

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