Connecting to dapps with EIP-6963 (multi-wallet discovery)

MetaMask Extension was recently upgraded to support EIP-6963, an ecosystem-wide improvement to how browser extension wallets coexist. 

What does EIP-6963 mean for me?

There are a range of other web3 wallets out there that work similarly to MetaMask — they act as an intermediary between web apps and the blockchain network. 

Previously, however, there wasn't a standard in place outlining how each of these wallets would coexist when more than one is installed and active in the browser. This made it difficult to ensure that the preferred wallet interacted with the dapp, as there was no way of choosing which wallet would take precedence. As the EIP itself describes, the last wallet to load was usually the one that came out on top — that is, became usable. 

For users who deliberately use multiple extension-based wallets for different purposes, this was problematic. Instead, EIP-6963 means you can choose which wallet you want to connect to the dapp

What will it look like when implemented in dapps? 

When you visit a dapp that supports EIP-6963, you'll be presented with a list of wallets, and you can choose which one you want to connect: 

MetaMask connect to EIP-6963 dapp

That's it! Once you select your preferred wallet, connecting to a dapp works as usual. 

You can head to this site for a simple demo of how an EIP-6963 implementation might look in a dapp. 


You can read more about MetaMask's EIP-6963 support here.

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