Getting started with the Web3 Ticketing Dashboard

It's now possible to manage and interact with your MetaMask support tickets, directly from within MetaMask! Using the power of MetaMask Snaps, it is now possible to stay in touch with the MetaMask support team without having to interact by email.

How does this change the way I'm used to interacting with the support team?

If you've reached out to MetaMask before, you've likely interacted with MetaMask's support team by using the live chat on the MetaMask help center:

MetaMask Support start a conversation

We aim to solve every user request in a live manner, but some requests just need more time for investigation. At that point, an asynchronous support ticket is created, you are asked to provide an email address, and the conversation moves to that communication channel.

But what if you could simply give us your MetaMask account address and chat with support directly from MetaMask? Look no further, the MetaMask Support Snap enables this!

Why should I use this?

Well, first, convenience. Getting support-related conversations from right within the MetaMask interface is rather neat. More importantly, privacy; we don't need to know your email address. We only care about your MetaMask account address (which we store as a reversible hash in our systems).

You'll also benefit from additional security; no more replying to emails from scammers pretending that they are MetaMask support. All the communication is encrypted and secured after we have proved that you hold the MetaMask account that you're trying to connect with. In order to ensure that you are the owner of the address that you are saying you are, we use Sign-In with Ethereum.

Once we prove that you hold the keys associated with your account, we generate an authentication key used for communication within our support system. This way, nobody else can impersonate you.

How do I get started?

Head over to and install the MetaMask Support Snap. Sign in, and you're all set!

Next time when you talk to the MetaMask support team, and they need to create a ticket for you, let them know your preferred MetaMask account address that you'd like to use.

Wait, what's a Snap?

MetaMask Snaps is a platform that allows anyone to extend the functionality of MetaMask. Learn more about MetaMask Snaps.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is this working on both MetaMask browser extension and mobile ?

Only the browser extension because the MetaMask snaps are not supported yet on mobile.

What is the Web3 Ticketing Dashboard (
The Web3 Ticketing Dashboard allows you to install the MetaMask Support Snap, where you sign in with your desired MetaMask account and create the authentication token used for secure communication with the MetaMask support team.
MetaMask Web3 ticketing snap page

Once you're all set up, the Dashboard gives you an overview of the ticket(s) associated with your MetaMask account. This is also where you can interact with your open tickets.

MetaMask Web3 ticketing snap chat dashboard

You can also adjust your notification preferences.

MetaMask Web3 ticketing snap notifications preferences

There are two options:

  • Dialog box notification - this option is enabled by default, and will pop up the ticket conversation directly in your MetaMask instance.

MetaMask Web3 ticketing snap chat UI

  • Browser pop-up notification - we recommend using the dialog box notification option; however, if you'd like to disable dialog box notifications, you can make use of browser pop-ups instead, and rely on the desktop notifications provided by your operating system. Ensure that you allow desktop notifications on your operating system, otherwise, notifications might not show up correctly.

It's worth mentioning that both of these options make use of MetaMask notifications. If in doubt, you'll always be able to view your Web3 Ticketing notifications here:

MetaMask find snap notifications

After clicking "Notifications", you'll be able to see any new notifications from the Web3 Ticketing Snap.

Do I need to keep the Web3 Ticketing Dashboard open to receive notifications in MetaMask?

No, just make sure to sign in for the first time to get the authentication key generated, then you are free to close it.

Since Metamask is a browser extension, the Snap notifications can only work while the browser is open. You can always double-check if there's been an update to your tickets by checking the in-app Metamask notifications or navigating to the Web3 Ticketing Dashboard.

Do I still need to provide my email address to the live chat agent, besides my MetaMask account address?

While we're battle-testing this new notification mechanism, we thought it would also be wise to keep email notifications active. So yes, initially, you'll have to provide both the email and MetaMask account addresses. In the future, it's going to be up to you if you'd like to provide both.

Will this prevent users from falling for social engineering scams?

We're aware that there are scammers out there who will try to trick you into going to fake sites or social media groups and make you think that you're talking to a real MetaMask support agent.

The MetaMask Support Snap can help alleviate this issue. Every Snap has to be allowlisted by MetaMask, which is only done after a thorough audit. Even if a scammer were to create a similar Snap, the Snap wouldn't be able to pass the audit, and, therefore, wouldn't be added to the allowlist.

Always check the URL of before signing in. Never share your private keys of secret recovery phrase with others.

Sometimes I see the "authentication key expired" message, what does it mean ?

For enhanced security the authentication key generated when you sign-in to has a relatively short expiration time. The snap will ask you from time to time to refresh that key by signing-in again.

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