What are address nicknames?

Address nicknames allow you to get a better grasp of the address you are about to interact with. When making a transaction, you can now click on an address to see suggested nicknames or add your own.




How can I add an address nickname?

Whenever you send a transaction or interact with a smart contract, you’ll notice that MetaMask might display the receiving address in one of three ways;

  • Highlighted in gray, indicating that the address does not yet have a nickname set;
  • Automatically displayed with a nickname, indicating that the address was already recognized by MetaMask, such as a token contract;
  • An address nickname set by yourself.

If you are interacting with an address that MetaMask does not automatically recognize, and the address is highlighted in gray, you can provide a nickname so you can easily recognize it in the future.


Click the address, and find the ‘Nickname’ field. Enter a nickname of your choosing. MetaMask might also provide some suggested nicknames, which are fetched from sources such as Etherscan, ENS, or Lens.


After clicking ‘Save’, you will notice that the address that was previously highlighted in gray, is now replaced with your newly set nickname.


Some addresses, such as those of token contracts, might automatically display a default nickname. If the default nickname doesn’t suit you, you can always rename it to something different.


You will be able to see the address nickname during any new transaction you make, as well as in the ‘Activity’ tab of your account.

We highly recommend setting up a nickname for each address you often interact with; this way, you’ll be certain that you’re interacting with the address that you meant to interact with.

Can I change an address nickname?

Yes! Simply click on the nickname and change away. After saving the new nickname, it will immediately be reflected.

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