How to use My Ether Wallet with MetaMask credentials

The content of this article is out-of-date and is being retained for reference purposes only.


We understand that there may be times for certain users that MetaMask doesn't meet their needs - whether it be from a token management perspective or otherwise. This is why we have built our product on open standards, allowing for easy cross-platform usage. 

If you need to use your MetaMask wallet from the MyEtherWallet interface or the MyCrypto interface, you can use the login feature in those websites in the 'Send Ether & Tokens' tab, and then use the MetaMask option to Connect your wallet. A popup window will appear for you to approve the connection with your MetaMask browser extension.

MyEtherWallet or MyCrypto websites would use the selected MetaMask wallet address to sign and broadcast transactions. Also, you can see the token balances you have in the address.

Once you've completed the transaction using that interface, you should be able to see the transactions on or any other block explorer using the transaction ID that you will be shown after successfully completing the Send.

Alternately, you can use the Ethereum addresses associated with your MetaMask wallet on another site or tool such as MyEtherWallet, Parity, Jaxx, ImToken, etc. by using your 12-word Secret Recovery Phrase. Additionally, you can export a specific private key from a MetaMask address, and use that individual private key to access a single Ethereum address.

You must be extremely cautious where you import your 12 words Seed Phrase / Secret Recovery Phrase or private keys, as those give complete access to your ETH funds and Tokens that you have in those addresses. Do not export your Secret Recovery Phrase or private keys onto an insecure computer; do not copy or import them into software that you don't fully trust.


To better communicate the importance of never sharing your seed phrase, we've changed the name of the phrase to "secret recovery phrase". Learn more here.

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