Using advanced gas controls

For information on the new Enhanced Gas UI setting, see below

Advanced gas controls are an optional feature that gives you more control over the gas you pay in MetaMask. For more information on gas, see our guide

The methods for turning on and using advanced gas controls vary depending on which version of MetaMask you're using. However, regardless of the version of MetaMask you're using, keep this in mind:

The gas limit
The gas limit is the maximum amount of gas units you are willing to pay for in order to carry out a transaction or EVM operation.
The max priority fee
The max priority fee goes to the validator, and incentivizes them to prioritize your transaction.
The max fee
The max fee is the total, global amount paid for your transaction: base fee + priority fee.

Remember that gas you pay is not charged or collected by MetaMask, and not something we can control. 

Extension Mobile

Click on your account icon, then find 'Advanced gas controls' under 'Advanced' in the settings menu: 


Once you've flicked this switch, the option to 'Edit' gas will appear when sending a transaction: 



Clicking on 'edit' should allow you to modify the three applicable fields as follows:



Enhanced Gas UI

Since the introduction of EIP-1559 in August 2021, we've been working on improving your control over the gas you set and pay. As a result, you can now enable a feature called Enhanced Gas UI in settings. Currently only available on Extension, this new feature aligns the user experience more closely with the gas market now that EIP-1559 has changed how it behaves. 

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What's the difference between advanced gas controls and the Enhanced Gas UI?

Advanced gas controls is a current feature available to all Mobile and Extension users. It allows you to customise a transaction's gas limit, max priority fee, and max fee. 

Enhanced Gas UI is an opt-in feature currently only available on Extension under Settings > Experimental. It is a redesign prompted by EIP-1559 which improves the experience of adjusting gas settings. It incorporates changes to the existing advanced gas controls options.  

What are the main features? 

Low, market, and aggressive gas estimations

EIP-1559's purpose was essentially to make gas fees more transparent and predictable for users, as explained in this blog post. Previously, to have your transaction processed, you essentially had to 'bid' with a high enough total fee to make sure the miner was incentivized to pick up your transaction reasonably soon. This meant the market price was constantly moving according to demand. 

As a result, the existing UI (which will display if you do not have the enhanced UI enabled) will allow you to pick low, medium, or high prices relative to the market, as below:


With EIP-1559, you instead pay a base fee plus an optional tip. As a result, what was previously the 'market' price, a moving target depending on network usage, is now a much clearer level (set by a protocol within Ethereum itself). 

Therefore instead of the option to go low, medium, or high, we have adjusted the terminology to low, market, or aggressive to reflect a new way of estimating gas fees. With the new UI, low and aggressive are always relative to the market price, which is fairly predictable. 'Low' allows you to wait a bit longer and save money if you choose, whereas 'aggressive' enables you to be more forceful with your transaction, and have it completed as soon as possible.

We think this makes the process of determining how much gas you want to pay considerably clearer:


Simplifying the experience

Although functional, advanced gas controls could sometimes be quite technical and complex for the user. Our changes have removed the need for this math; you now only need to input your max base fee and your priority fee:


Adding live gas updates to help your decisions

When choosing between low, market, or aggressive, you'll be able to see the current status of the network; i.e. the current base fee, how busy the network is, and the range of priority fees being paid.


Similar live information is also visible in the advanced settings menu when editing the base fee and priority fee.


'Current' reflects the most recent fee update from the network, with upwards or downwards-pointing arrows indicating the trend relative to the previous block. '12hr' displays the range of fees paid in the last twelve hours.

The ability to set advanced settings as your default settings

To remove the need for you to customize your preferred gas settings every time you make a transaction, you can now check a box to save them as your default:


How to enable and use the Enhanced Gas UI

The enhanced UI is a currently an experimental feature, and only in Extension. To find it, tap your account icon and click settings, then scroll down to 'Experimental'. Find the option and enable it:


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