How to send/deposit tokens to your MetaMask Wallet




  • Zain Azmi Bin Abdul Aziz

    Dear Metamask,

    Please make a new arrangement for the transfer as soon as possible:

    (1.)     SWAP  to 0xfA7E92050baDB8BD227B52CD4981476ecDa8351d 

    (2.)     Transaction Hash

    (3.) Tickets Number for the SWAP.

    (4.) How long the processing for the SWAP.


    Kind regards & thank you

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  • UnlixGhost

    Can't send from Coinbase to Metamask wallet:

    While I can buy Eth on Coinbase, it doesn't seem to support sending to individual wallets. I believe the article should contain links to supported exchanges that work with Metamask. I'm not saying that linking to these wallets endorses them in any way other than to say it's a compliant exchange that works with MetaMask. Most information regarding MetaMask, Coinbase and other crypto technology through a Google/DDG search is dated Pre-2020.

    Most information that's 6 months or older is already dated and should be archived as it can be outdated information.


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