How to buy crypto in MetaMask (Extension)

What about MetaMask Mobile?

This article relates to the buying process currently available on Extension. As of Mobile v5.2.0, the experience of buying crypto in MetaMask is slightly different on our mobile app. For information on this new feature, see our article here.

The availability of providers for buying crypto varies between countries/regions. If you're unable to buy crypto in MetaMask, see here for some alternative options. 



You can get crypto directly into your MetaMask wallet without even leaving the app, through what are often known as 'on-ramps'. Our supported networks include:

  • Ethereum mainnet
  • Avalanche
  • Polygon
  • BNB Chain
  • Fantom
  • Celo
  • Optimism
  • Arbitrum.

Please note that not all providers support all the above networks. See the platform-specific information below for more clarity. 

In each case, you can buy the network's native token and, in some cases, stablecoins and/or other tokens. For example, you can buy MATIC directly on Polygon, or BNB for BNB Chain. Stablecoins that will be available include, for example, Dai, USDC, and USDT (on Ethereum and Polygon) and BUSD on BNB Chain.

'On-ramps' and 'off-ramps'?!

'Ramps' are the North American terms for roads which connect regular traffic to ('on-ramp') and from ('off-ramp') freeways. This analogy has been adopted across web3 to describe the process of converting fiat currency (e.g. dollars, pounds, euros, etc.) into crypto, and vice versa.

Since MetaMask's users are spread across the world, we're transitioning to more neutral language to improve clarity — so you'll see us using this term less and less.

How do I buy tokens? 

Remember: if you want to buy tokens on MetaMask Mobile, look here instead. 

Firstly, make sure your wallet is currently connected to the network you want to buy for.

  1. On the main screen of the Extension, click the 'Buy' button.
  2. You'll now see a screen where you can select which provider you'd like to use. See below for an overview of how your region affects availability, and the kinds of payment options each provider supports.
  3. When you've selected a provider, you'll be redirected to their platform. Enter the amount of fiat currency you'd like to spend to generate an estimate of how much crypto you'll receive and the fees you'll have to pay.
  4. It's at this stage that you can change the type of token you're buying. Make sure you've selected the one you want.
  5. Follow the prompts to complete the transaction.

Alternative method: go direct to the token

You can also head to a specific token in your 'Assets' tab, and click the 'Buy' button that appears there. If the token is available to purchase through one of our supported providers, the button will be available to click, and you'll be shown which providers you can choose from. From there, the rest of the buying process is the same!

Since the token deposit into your wallet is a regular blockchain transaction, you'll need to wait for the transaction to be processed by the network. Although this isn't long, it may not be instant, so don't worry!

If your transaction is complete and you don't see the tokens in your wallet, make sure you have added the token in MetaMask. See our article for further guidance on this.

What providers and payment methods are available?

Each of our providers enabling you to buy crypto has undergone a comprehensive technical integration to make sure their solutions work seamlessly and securely with MetaMask. Available vendors include:


Supported locations: Available in the US (excluding NY and TX) and 50+ other countries. See here for Wyre's list of unsupported countries.

Payment options: Supports debit/credit card on Extension, and Apple Pay/Google Pay/Samsung Pay on Mobile. 

Supported networks: Ethereum mainnet, Avalanche, and Polygon.


Supported locations: Transak supports 100+ countries.

Payment options: You can buy using credit/debit card or bank transfer (depending on location). Also supports region-specific payment methods such as SEPA transfers (Europe), MobiKwik (India) and the UK Faster Payments bank transfer system. Apple Pay/Google Pay/Samsung Pay are also supported.

Supported networks: All supported networks: Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, BNB Chain, Celo, Arbitrum, Optimism and Fantom.


Supported locations: Available in 140+ countries globally. MoonPay does not currently maintain a list of supported countries. If your region is supported, you will be able to select MoonPay in MetaMask.

Payment options: Supports debit/credit card and bank transfers, Pix for those with Brazilian bank accounts; Apple Pay and Google Pay also available on Mobile (Samsung Pay is unsupported).

Supported networks: Ethereum, Binance Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and Celo.

Coinbase Pay

Coinbase Pay, supported from Extension v10.16.2, offers a novel method for buying crypto directly within MetaMask, and is slightly different from our other providers.

If you're an existing Coinbase user, you can use Coinbase Pay to directly buy tokens in MetaMask. You'll be able to access your Coinbase account and saved payment details and buy crypto as you normally would on the Coinbase Exchange. It will then be deposited directly into your MetaMask wallet, removing the need to transfer it separately.

You can also transfer any funds that are already in your Coinbase wallet (the wallets into which your purchased crypto goes on the exchange; not to be confused with Coinbase Wallet). 

Supported locations: For both transfers and direct purchases, Coinbase Pay is available in all countries except Japan, Singapore, and Canada. Please see Coinbase's register of supported regions for more information.

Payment options: US users only: ACH transfers and credit/debit cards. For users elsewhere, we recommend you purchase on Coinbase and use the transfer method. We hope to be able to add support for debit cards in most other countries very soon.  

Supported networks and tokens: Ethereum and Avalanche (for both transfers and purchases).

For further information on the policies, fees, and availability of each provider, we recommend you review their support pages:

What is KYC?

KYC stands for "Know Your Customer", and refers to a process where platforms gather proof of the user's identity. Generally, KYC is mandatory in certain regions and for certain services in order for providers to achieve regulatory compliance. By obtaining these details, the platform is essentially doing its due diligence to ensure you're not involved in criminal activity, such as money laundering or fraud. 

Depending on your location and the payment method you choose, you may need to submit the following (or other forms of proof) to complete your transaction:

  • ID (e.g. passport or valid ID card)
  • Proof of address
  • A selfie or video of yourself. 

Specific guidance on KYC requirements is clearly detailed by our providers at the point of purchase. 

What other methods can I use to get tokens?  

Alternatively, if someone wants to send you tokens, or you have some in another account or wallet you want to send to your current wallet, check out how you can direct deposit: How to deposit (receive) tokens to your MetaMask Wallet

For an alternative way to buy tokens, you can always check the cryptocurrency exchanges that operate in your country here.

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