How to buy crypto in MetaMask

The availability of providers for buying crypto varies between countries/regions. If you're unable to buy crypto in MetaMask, see here for some alternative options. 

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How does it work? 

Buying crypto in MetaMask involves using an aggregator of on-ramp providers, making the process accessible, fast, and scalable.

When you enter how much of a token you want to buy, MetaMask's integrations with our vetted providers will spring into life, and fetch you quotes from each. These quotes automatically refresh every 10 seconds to account for gas price fluctuations, minimizing the potential for failed transactions (if gas prices rise after submitting the transaction, your quoted total may be too low to cover transaction costs by the time the transaction is picked up by the network). 

Since you input your region and currency during the process, the quotes you're presented with are automatically configured for your circumstances: so no need to worry about whether you'll be able to use the available payment methods in your region, or whether your region is supported by that provider. If it appears on the quote list, you will be able to buy as quoted. Easy. 

How do I use it?

  1. Head to your wallet homepage and find the button: on Extension, you can find the 'Buy/Sell' button on the left of your wallet view, which will redirect you to the MetaMask Portfolio. If you're on MetaMask Portfolio already, head to the 'Buy' tab.  On the mobile app, click the wallet actions button in the center of the tab bar. This will bring up a pop-up menu, where you can select the 'Buy' button.


    You cannot access MetaMask Portfolio's Buy feature from mobile devices. For this reason, make sure you go directly to the in-app Buy feature, rather than trying to buy from

MetaMask buy sell icon locate

MetaMask buy crypto button mobile

  1. If you're a first-time user, you must select your region, which will generally default to your current location. If you've used this feature before, MetaMask skips this step and uses the region you selected last time, which is saved in local storage.

    MetaMask select region mobile

    From the drop-down menu, search or scroll until you find the country where your payment method (card/bank account) is registered. US users will then be able to select their state. If your region is not currently covered by at least one of our provider and payment method combinations, we'll let you know at this point. You can read more about other ways to purchase crypto here.

    MetaMask select region mobile

  2. On the next screen, select your payment method (you can always adjust this afterward if you change your mind):

    MetaMask select payment method mobile

    Choose from Apple Pay/Google Pay (this will adjust according to your device), debit/credit card, PayPal (US only, excluding Hawaii), and bank transfers (with the mechanism adjusted according to your region, KYC details, and currency: e.g. UK Faster Payments, ACH for the US, Pix for Brazil, and SEPA for Europe). Make sure you're comfortable with the estimated duration and payment limits detailed next to each option.

  3. Select the token you want to buy, using the You want to buy field at the top of the screen.
  4. Input your preferred amount, i.e. the value (in fiat) of the token you want to buy.

    MetaMask select amount mobile

  5. Choose your quote. After a brief wait, you'll see the quotes available based on your preferences. They're arranged in descending order based on how much crypto you receive, with the best-value option at the top. Pull down from the top of the screen to force refresh the quotes.

    MetaMask select quote mobile

    When you pick a provider, you may have to complete KYC if you've never used their service before.


On MetaMask Portfolio, once you select your region and your payment method, the above steps are compressed into one single screen, where you can input your amount, adjust the payment method (if you wish to do so), and select your quote.

MetaMask buy crypto flow portfolio

Once your order is complete, you will see the below screen:

MetaMask portfolio transaction confirm


What networks are supported?
  • Ethereum mainnet
  • Binance/BNB Smart Chain
  • Polygon
  • Avalanche (C-Chain)
  • Fantom
  • Optimism
  • Arbitrum
  • Celo
  • Harmony
  • Cronos
  • Moonbeam
  • Moonriver
  • Aurora
  • Palm
What providers are available?
  • Transak
  • MoonPay
  • Sardine
  • PayPal (US only) — note that PayPal must be selected at the payment method screen to use their service. 
  • Banxa
  • Mercuryo
  • Stripe
  • Ramp
  • Unlimit
  • TransFi
  • Revolut
  • Fonbnk
  • Koywe
  • Robinhood (US only)

We're always working to integrate new providers, subject to rigorous security and reliability checks.

What payment methods are available?

Payment methods are determined by your selected region, and there are far too many permutations for us to exhaustively list here. You can see what's available—without making any commitment to spend—once you've selected your region.

What regions/countries are covered?

We aim to provide users in as many countries as possible with at least one option to buy crypto. 

At present, users in 170+ countries can buy crypto through at least one provider.

I entered $__. Why did I only receive $__?

The fiat value you input into MetaMask will always be more than the value of crypto you end up receiving.

You have to pay a few different fees for each transaction. In addition to the fee that MetaMask charges, you must also pay the provider's fee and the gas fees for the transactions required to get the purchased crypto into your wallet.

The provider's fee is listed as 'processing fee' on the quote. This number includes the fee that MetaMask charges for the service. Gas costs are listed on the quote as the 'network fee'.

Does MetaMask make money from this?

MetaMask receives a 1% fee on every transaction, calculated as a percentage of the fiat value you request.

So if you input $100, we will calculate our share of the fees as $1.

The 1% fee is consistent across all regions, payment methods, providers, and tokens.

Who am I buying from when I use this feature?

MetaMask does not fulfill the transactions you order: it is the provider (e.g. MoonPay, Transak, etc.) that receives your request and executes the necessary steps.

MetaMask is an intermediary in this process. All that MetaMask is doing is compiling quotes, enabling you to select one, and then allowing you to order your chosen amount of crypto through the provider.

How long before I receive my crypto?

To get your ordered crypto into your MetaMask wallet, the provider you choose must execute transactions on-chain. This means that, as a minimum, you will need to wait as long as it takes for the transactions to be processed by the network (block time).

Once you submit your request, you can see the pending transaction in your MetaMask activity.

If your bank account was charged and there are delays in receiving your crypto, we recommend you contact the provider's support team directly. Pending purchases (not yet confirmed on the blockchain) are usually caused by the on-ramp provider’s pre-authorization processes.

What do I do if my transaction fails?

Since MetaMask does not execute your transaction, the provider will likely be better placed to support than our team. In these situations, we recommend you contact their support teams first.

For any issues you encounter with MetaMask itself (such as problems selecting your region or currency, or with the buying process), get in touch with MetaMask Support via the 'Start a Conversation' button on the Support page.

If you're facing problems using a provider's platform, such as payment limits, payment methods, or KYC, we recommend you get in touch with their support teams directly.

How do I manage/delete the accounts I have created with each provider?

When you buy crypto in MetaMask, you're not buying crypto with or from MetaMask: you're buying with the provider you choose.

If you want to manage any personal information that the providers hold, you must access the provider's platform directly, log into your account, and make the changes there. MetaMask does not collect or hold your login details for on-ramp providers at any point during or after the buying process.

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