How do I send, receive, or cash out an NFT?

Did you recently acquire an NFT, and you don't see it in the relevant account?

Follow the steps here to look up the account on the block explorer. On the bottom half of the page, click on the tab titled "NFT Transfers"; there you should see a list of all the tokens you have in your wallet, ordered by when they entered it. If it's on Etherscan, it's in the account. For more information on making NFTs appear in MetaMask, see here.

Did you recently sell an NFT, and you don't see a transaction in your account? 

Often, the process of selling an NFT is performed through a smart contract (a blockchain program), and as a result, the funds you receive are delivered to you through an internal transaction, which do not show up in your MetaMask activity. To check internal transactions, locate your account address on Etherscan and about halfway down the page, click on the 'Internal Transactions' tab. The transaction should be there.

Another way to verify that you received funds in exchange for your NFT is by verifying that your balance is correct.

Receiving an NFT

When you buy an NFT, it's often transferred to you automatically through a marketplace. If that is not the case, please follow and double-check these steps to ensure it is a successful transaction: 

  1. Provide the sender with your public address. If you need, learn how to find this here
  2. Make sure you have enough of the network's native token (ETH, MATIC, BNB, etc.) to pay for gas
  3. Have the sender send the NFT to your public address
  4. View the NFT in MetaMask

As long as you're looking at the correct account in MetaMask, the NFTs should appear under the 'NFTs' tab.

There are a number of platforms that exist for buying and selling NFTs and, in general, ERC-721 tokens: Nifty's, OpenSea, Rarible, YellowHeart, etc. 


Sending an NFT

Sending an NFT (ERC-721) in MetaMask is very similar to sending conventional tokens (usually ERC-20 tokens, often just referred to as coins or crypto). 

Please note that sending ERC-1155 NFTs is not supported in either MetaMask Extension or Mobile. See here for more information: Does MetaMask support ERC-1155?

Extension Mobile

To send NFTs in MetaMask Extension, you must be using v10.28.1 or later.

  1. Navigate to the 'NFTs' tab on your homepage and select the NFT you want to send to access a page that shows the NFT's details

  2. Click the 'Send' button and input the recipient's address

  3. Hit 'Next' when you're ready and review the transaction details. Click to 'Confirm' to submit the transaction and send your NFT

MetaMask send NFT extension

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