ETH on Sepolia and Holešky (testnets)

Following the Dencun network update, the Goerli testnet is officially deprecated in MetaMask Extension 11.13 and MetaMask Mobile 7.19; we recommend using Sepolia for all your testnet needs.

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The Ethereum ecosystem knows various testnets, the two biggest ones at this time being Sepolia and Holešky. These networks are primarily used for development on the blockchain (testing out applications and smart contracts, etc).

ETH on these testnets is a dummy balance and cannot be withdrawn or sent to mainnet. This also means that anyone attempting to sell you testnet ETH is trying to scam you: ETH on testnets has no value and is mainly for developers to test out new dapps and features.

See our article on testnet ETH scams for more information.


The Sepolia testnet is the recommended testnet for application (dapp) development, and is available by default in MetaMask.

If you want to start using Sepolia with MetaMask, you first need to enable testnets in your network selector.


The Holešky testnet is the successor of Goerli, and is mainly used for (testnet) staking and infrastructure.

Holešky is not available in MetaMask by default at this time, but you can add it manually.

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