A token is missing from my wallet

If you or someone else recently transferred a token to your MetaMask wallet and you don't see it in MetaMask, please check the following: 

  • How long has it been? While blockchain transactions are fast, they are generally not instantaneous. It may be that the transaction is not complete yet. Check on a block explorer
  • Are you on the correct network?
    • If you sent the token on an EVM-compatible network that you can use in MetaMask (e.g. BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche C-Chain, etc.), simply change networks in MetaMask.
    • If the token was not sent on an EVM-compatible network, your funds may be lost. See our article here for more information. 
  • Have you added the token to your wallet? MetaMask only automatically detects tokens in some circumstances. If the token isn't automatically detected, you may need to add it manually.

If your token is displayed in your wallet but with the wrong amount, see here

You could also try viewing your account through MetaMask Portfolio, which detects most tokens automatically. 

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