A token is missing from my wallet

If you or someone else recently transferred a token to your MetaMask wallet and you don't see it in MetaMask, please check the following: 

  • How long has it been? While blockchain transactions are fast, they are generally not instantaneous.
  • Is your token is an ERC-20, or other Ethereum token? (See a list of ERC-20 tokens here; for more information on the ERC-20 standard, see here.)
  • If it is an Ethereum token, did you add it in your wallet as a custom token
  • If it is not an Ethereum token, did you use another chain or network to send the token to MetaMask?
  • If you did use a different chain or network please add your custom network to MetaMask first, and ensure it works with MetaMask. You can follow these instructions on how to add a custom chain and view your token(s).

If your token is displayed in your wallet but with the wrong amount, see here

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