How to cancel a pending swap

Extension only

As the Smart Swap feature is only available on Extension and on the Ethereum network, you will not be able to cancel using the below method on MetaMask Mobile or on any other networks except the Ethereum mainnet. 

When you submit a swap, you'll be taken to a screen with a status bar, which indicates the progress of your transaction. 

If you have enabled Smart Swap, you can cancel any time before the transaction is confirmed by the network. You can enable Smart Swap early in the swap process under 'Settings':

MetaMask smart swaps option


When you have Smart Swap on, you'll see the option to cancel your swap whilst it's yet to be confirmed:

MetaMask attempt cancel swap


Please note that you will not be able to cancel for free in all circumstances — this option is only available for a short window after you request the swap, whilst the Smart Swap feature is at work and until the transaction is broadcast to the network. Although we’ll do our best to cancel for free when you request, we cannot guarantee it will be successful.

The cancellation button is dynamic, and once the free cancellation period is over, the text will automatically update to reflect the cost of cancelling the transaction at that time. So even if you miss this window, you can still cancel the transaction for a small gas fee.

Note: The cancellation fee is not charged by MetaMask

The fee shown on this screen to cancel your transaction is not a cost that MetaMask imposes on you. Rather, it's just the cost of gas to submit the cancellation transaction (similar to the cancellation process we outline here). The only fee MetaMask charges for the Swaps service is the 0.875% transaction fee that we list before you submit the swap.

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