Tips for using MetaMask and Ronin wallets successfully

As discussed in a Consensys blog post on Axie Infinity, the Ronin sidechain has become very popular, and MetaMask wants our users to be able to interact safely and reliably with the Ronin chain.

Important warning - loss of funds possible

Axie Infinity runs on the sidechain Ronin, and not Ethereum mainnet. For more information, see here.

Here are some tips for interacting with the Ronin network using MetaMask:

  • If you use the Ronin wallet address for sending assets directly from MetaMask, simply changing the "ronin" prefix into "0x" or vice versa, you will lose any assets you send.
  • The transfer of assets from MetaMask to the Ronin wallet and vice versa must be made with the Bridge app (
  • If the assets were transferred directly from MetaMask and not using the Bridge app, there is no way we can reverse the transaction, as the nature of blockchains does not allow it.
  • If the assets have been sent through the bridge but are not reflected in the Ronin wallet after a reasonable amount of time, you should address this with Ronin's customer support, as this is not a MetaMask product.
  • As always, never give your seed phrase or secret recovery phrase to anyone, even if you believe that person to be Customer Support from MetaMask, Axie Infinity, or Ronin.


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