Initializing and funding a Ronin wallet with MetaMask

For those interested in interacting with the Ronin sidechain, a convenient way of doing so is linking an existing MetaMask wallet to a Ronin wallet. For more on Axie Infinity, see ConsenSys' blog post here.

Before proceeding, please read the important safety guidelines regarding interacting with the Ronin sidechain here.


This article presumes that you have a MetaMask wallet set up with funds present, and that you are using Chrome-based or Brave browsers.



Initializing the Ronin wallet with MetaMask Secret Recovery Phrase

Interacting with the Ronin sidechain begins with installing a MetaMask-like browser extension, the Ronin wallet, available in the Chrome store here.

In order to get the Ronin wallet up and running, you are going to need your MetaMask seed phrase / secret recovery phrase. (REMINDER: Never give your Secret Recovery Phrase or private key to anyone or any site ever! Make sure you have your Secret Recovery Phrase written down and stored someplace safe.) If you need help finding your phrase, see our support article on that topic here. 

Once you have the Ronin extension installed and your seed phrase at hand, click on the Ronin icon in the extensions tray in the upper right-hand corner, and if it's your first time opening it, click 'Get Started' when prompted.

You will have the option to create a new wallet with an entirely new seed phrase, but for the purposes of this article, we want to link your Ronin wallet to your MetaMask wallet so that you can easily transfer value between the Ronin sidechain and Ethereum mainnet, so click on "I already have a seed phrase. Import Wallet."

At this point, enter your 12-word seed phrase / Secret Recovery Phrase that you have written down in a safe place from your MetaMask wallet. Enter a secure password, and click 'Import Wallet'.

That's it! You should be rewarded with a screen confirming your wallet has been created. You can exit out of this window if you like, and now at any point click on the extension tray in the upper right, click on the Ronin wallet icon, enter your password just as you would with MetaMask, and see your balance and tokens.

Now that we've got your Ronin wallet initialized, we still have to get some funds into the Ronin sidechain from Ethereum mainnet.


Transferring funds from MetaMask to the Ronin wallet

As noted in the important safety guidelines here (you read them, right?), the Ronin Bridge must be used to transfer funds between Ethereum mainnet and the Ronin sidechain. 

In the browser in which you've got your MetaMask and Ronin wallets installed, go to and choose Deposit. At this point the Bridge should prompt you to connect with MetaMask. Once you've given the Bridge permission to interact with your wallet, you will need to open your Ronin wallet by clicking on the icon and entering your password if prompted, and click on the two boxes icon next to the name of your account: 


Paste your Ronin account address into the "RONIN ADDRESS" box on the Ronin Bridge. At this point you can choose the type of asset you want to transfer (unless you've already acquired Axie Infinity or Ronin tokens elsewhere, this is going to be ETH), choose the amount, and hit 'Next'. You'll be prompted to confirm, and once you do, your currency should be on its way to your Ronin wallet.

Keep in mind that not only is this a blockchain transaction and therefore subject to the normal possibility of delay, this is a transaction moving from one chain to another, and therefore may have a delay.


Transferring funds from a Ronin wallet to MetaMask

Transferrals from the Ronin network to Ethereum mainnet are the inverse of the above procedure: instead of choosing 'Deposit' on the Bridge, choose 'Withdraw'. In this case, you will have to copy and paste your MetaMask wallet address, instead of your Ronin address. If you don't know how to do this, see our article on the topic here.


Second option: Importing an existing Ronin wallet to MetaMask

Earlier in the article, we mentioned that, when you create your Ronin wallet, you can choose between initializing your Ronin wallet with your MetaMask seed phrase and creating it using a new seed phrase. If you created a Ronin wallet with a new seed phrase, good news--there is a way to link it to your MetaMask account. In order to import the Ronin wallet into MetaMask, we will need the Ronin wallet's private key.

Acquiring the private key from your Ronin wallet

Open your Ronin wallet by clicking on the icon in the extension tray in the upper right hand corner of your browser. In the upper right-hand corner, there will be a 'person' icon. Click on it, and on the following menu, click on the 'Manage' button. Click on the account you're wishing to import into MetaMask (unless you've created multiple accounts in your Ronin wallet, there should just be one), and select "View private key". Once you've entered your Ronin password, you'll be able to manually copy the key, or click "Copy to Clipboard".

Importing your Ronin wallet

Without pasting your key anywhere or copying anything else to the clipboard, open MetaMask, and click on the identicon (brightly-colored circle) in the upper right-hand corner. In the menu that appears, click on "Import Account". Paste your Ronin private key into the box indicated and click "Import". Your Ronin account should appear in your MetaMask wallet.

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