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One of MetaMask's most exciting features is its ability to connect to decentralized applications, or dapps (often referred to as Dapps, dApps, or Đapps). Think of dapps as traditional websites that you can access in your browser, but that have a special portal built into them that links them to a blockchain. In order to interact with the functionality of that network, you need to have a wallet connected to the dapp portion of the website. That's where MetaMask comes in.

Trying to figure out whether a dapp is legitimate?

You can always consult the details of projects registered at and verify that they match.

Also, check out our article on verifying whether smart contracts are legit. Though dapps and smart contracts are not the same thing, the former is generally powered by the latter, so it is definitely recommended to verify trustworthiness before interacting with a dapp.

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Many websites with dapp functionality will have a button on the site that says 'Connect wallet', or 'Connect to dapp'. Clicking should launch a set of interactions that end up with your MetaMask wallet being connected to the dapp you're on. That said, you might not want to do this the first time you visit, and that's fine; you can always manually connect later (see instructions here).

There is no inherent risk in connecting to dapps. This action allows them to view your balance and suggest transactions, but they can't do anything with your assets unless you sign transactions they propose. 

Howeveryou do need to be vigilant about these transactions. This is one of the most common ways that web3 users lose funds. To read more about transactions and approvals that dapps request, see the following articles:


Token approval scams are one of the most common methods through which web3 users are scammed, so it pays to clue up. See our guide to token approvals for more information.

Often, dapps request access to a virtually unlimited number of tokens. Of course, infinite access to funds is often what you want; if you're accessing a decentralized exchange, you want to be able to deposit, swap, or transfer as many tokens as you specify. That said, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • How well-known is the project? Does it have a community channel? Do your research before allowing access.
  • How often do you use the dapp? If it's not something you're actively using, do you want it to have access to your wallet?
  • Has the dapp or a related project recently had a security breach? It's worth searching here.

That said, tools are available to manage your existing token approvals. Read more here.

Note that disconnecting your wallet from a dapp does not affect token approvals.


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