Tax compliance and crypto-assets

Wait, what? Taxes?

In many jurisdictions, transactions involving digital assets may be a taxable event. Taxation on digital assets is an evolving issue, and the rules vary depending on what jurisdiction you live in. 

Due to this, you should be aware that you may have tax obligations, and you should consult a tax professional about your particular situation. Below are some general informational resources (which may not be up-to-date, given how rapidly this area is developing) that could be applicable, depending on your location. These links are provided for background education only, and should not be relied upon. 



IRS - Virtual Currencies - How is Cryptocurrency Taxed?

European Union

European Business Review - Do You Have to Pay Taxes on Cryptocurrency in Europe?


United Kingdom

HM Revenue & Customs - Tax on cryptoassets



Business Insider India - Axie Infinity players in the Philippines may have to start paying tax on trading ‘pets’



Coindesk - Israeli Bill Would Force Crypto Investors to Report Holdings Above $61K



For an open-source platform that might assist in managing tax obligations, consider Rotki.



How can I download my transaction data for manual reconciliation?



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