User Guide: Troubleshooting

If MetaMask isn't working the way you expected, there are some steps you can take on your own that often solve problems, without having to create a support ticket. Here are some of our top fixes:

  • Restart your browser, or force close the mobile app and reopen.
  • Restart your computer or mobile device.
  • Lock and unlock MetaMask.
  • If your problem relates to a specific transaction, check the relevant block explorer for the network you're using, such as Etherscan. Block explorers are a wealth of information and offer much greater detail regarding the where, when, what, and who of transactions.
  • Make sure you're running the latest version of MetaMask.
  • Search the Community Forums and this Knowledge Base for similar problems.
  • We do not recommend resetting your wallet until one of our agents advises you to.
  • Remember, MetaMask is a non-custodial wallet. Support agents cannot reverse transactions.
  • If you're experiencing a problem with a third-party platform, like a token swapping app or blockchain videogame, reach out to their support team first.
  • If you're looking for help, don't spam our Support team by asking the same question on multiple channels. This will only delay the reply.
  • Have you waited long enough? Blockchain is fast, but not instantaneous. How low did you set your gas? Are you transacting on a layer 2 chain that requires you to wait before removing funds?
  • Did you use a bridge? See our article for additional guidance.

If you still need help, open a ticket following our instructions here.


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