Will MetaMask ever ask me to verify my account?

Short answer: definitely not

Any platform or person asking you to:

  • Complete KYC ('know your customer' — i.e. prove your identity)
  • Click a link or button, most likely in an email
  • 'Verify' or 'upgrade' your account

...is a scam.

Other red flags in this type of scam include:

  • Threatening that your account will be closed or restricted if you don't comply in time. As your accounts in MetaMask are on an open, permissionless blockchain, they're impossible to delete or restrict. 
  • Claiming that MetaMask is subject to regulations as a 'financial services' provider. This is simply untrue — MetaMask does not provide financial services.
  • The fact that they are contacting you at all. As a self-custodial wallet, MetaMask doesn't hold any of your personal information, including your email (unless you're in correspondence with our technical support team—see here for more details—or you've signed up to certain mailing lists), phone number, or any user account on any social media platform. Remember when you created your account? You never handed over your details: you just had to save your Secret Recovery Phrase and create a password locally (to which we have zero access).

If you spot any of these things, do not click the links they provide. And remember you should never give your Secret Recovery Phrase to anyone in any case. 

See also: I received an email claiming to be from MetaMask. Is it legit?

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