How to use the MetaMask Mobile Browser

One of the most useful features of MetaMask Mobile is its built-in browser.

Instead of having to jump between MetaMask Mobile and a separate browser application, or even simply waiting to get in front of a desktop computer in order to interact with a given website, you can do it right from the app. We'll use the classic blockchain video game Cryptokitties as an example, but the steps are essentially the same for any web3-enabled website:

1. Make sure you've selected the account you want to use (tap on the three horizontal bars in the upper left hand corner > tap on the account name and choose from the list).

2. Open the browser (tap on the three horizontal bars in the upper left hand corner, tap on 'Browser'):



3. Open a new tab using search bar, or my clicking the magnifying glass icon, and navigate to the website or app you are interested in:



As with most web3 applications, Cryptokitties asks to connect to your wallet. Here's the real convenience of the MetaMask Mobile browser: you've already selected your account, so it's all queued up and ready. With a tap, you can sign in with that account and start playing:



Keep in mind that the browser is not as fully-featured as a standalone mobile browser application such as Chrome or Firefox. There may be things that don't work. But if you're trying to mint an NFT on the go, or check out a new web3 project that you might want to spend some time on later, it's just the right solution.


Also, keep track of what applications you give permissions to, and be careful which permissions you give them. Learn more here


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