How to manage your MetaMetrics settings

Sharp-eyed MetaMask users may have noticed this option, available by clicking in the upper right corner identicon > Settings > Security & Privacy: 

MetaMask MetaMetrics settings


On MetaMask Mobile, your MetaMetrics settings are available by clicking on the three horizontal bars in the upper left hand corner > Settings > Security & Privacy.


For a fuller discussion of MetaMetrics, our most updated blog post on the topic is here; simply put, MetaMetrics is an opt-in analytics platform that aims to collect information on non-sensitive user events to help us improve the software for MetaMask users. 

MetaMask is a product that, above all else, values our users' privacy and agency: MetaMask is a tool built to empower you, not to profit off of you. While many software products, with the best of intentions, have built-in metrics collection tools that are not visible to the user, MetaMask's metrics collection is completely voluntary. 

That said, opting into MetaMetrics doesn't affect your experience negatively at all--and in fact, it increases the likelihood that features you want or need will be prioritized. By opting in, users help us answer questions such as:

  • What features do people use the most?
  • What parts of the application do people run into the most trouble with?
  • Where do people drop off when completing certain actions?

To those of you who do opt-in: thank you for helping us make MetaMask better!

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