How to connect your account(s)

Connecting your accounts is simple, but the exact flow depends on whether it's the first time you've used the platform, or whether you already have an account (or several) connected.

If you're a new user:

The first time you access the dapp, you'll see the option to add your MetaMask account(s) in the centre of the page:


Follow the prompts to open MetaMask and confirm which accounts you'd like to connect: 


Once you confirm, the dapp will refresh after a brief pause, and you'll be able to see your full crypto portfolio, encompassing the accounts you connected. You can view and manage your connected accounts at any time by heading to the account menu at the top of the page:



If you already have one or more accounts connected:

From the main portfolio view, find the account selector, located next to 'Portfolio' at the top of the screen:


When you click, you'll see a list of the accounts you've already added. To add another, click the button at the bottom of this list:


Now you'll be prompted to connect your MetaMask or simply input the public address or ENS name of a wallet you want to watch:


Follow the prompts to complete this process.

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