What is Smart Swaps?

When using MetaMask Swaps, you may notice the Smart Swaps toggle within your transaction settings:

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What is Smart Swaps?

A smart swap is like a regular swap, with the addition of special metadata that increases your swap performance and protects you from MEV.

Like regular swaps, Smart Swaps are simulated by MetaMask in advance, but are further optimized so you get:

  • Lower network fees
  • Higher transaction success rates
  • Higher MEV resistance
  • Higher transaction privacy
When can I use Smart Swaps?

Smart Swaps is available when using MetaMask Swaps on Ethereum Mainnet within the MetaMask extension. We’re looking to bring this feature to the MetaMask Mobile application in the near future.

How do I manage my Smart Swaps settings?

Within the Swaps interface of the MetaMask extension, click the settings icon in the top right corner. From there, you can toggle the Smart Swaps setting on or off. Please note that this setting is currently only available when swapping on Ethereum Mainnet.

Is there a fee for Smart Swaps?

When you use MetaMask Swaps, there is a software license fee applied on certain pairs of tokens. While Smart Swaps provides additional benefits beyond those offered through regular swaps, you are not charged an additional software license fee for using Smart Swaps.

Are there risks to using Smart Swaps?

Smart Swaps is designed to be safer than regular swaps, providing additional protections against MEV. While the system substantially lowers the risk of negative outcomes associated with MEV, no system can eliminate these risks entirely. For more information on the risks associated with Smart Swaps, please refer to our risk disclosures.

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